What is interactive prototype (also known as clickable prototype)?

Interactive prototype lets you experience your app AS it was real before it’s been developed. It’s more or less a set of static content, which you can actually interact with by clicking around, touching, swiping and navigating through screens.

Such technique saves tremendous amounts of headache (and money) later on.

Try clicking around in one of the prototypes we’ve created.

Why prototype is a good idea after all?

Because you can change fast

Make changes while it doesn’t cost anything to do that. We’ve seen people change their way of thinking about their idea AFTER they’ve actually seen it. No problem, it’s never been easier to shape your idea and the product.

Because you can save development cost

Developers understand better what needs to be done because they see it explicitly in front of them. Prototype usually results in less product changes after features has been delivered by developers. Because you already knew exactly what you’ll get and made all the changes necessary upfront.

Because you can show it to investors

PowerPoint presentations are ok. Yet showing the real thing which your potential investor can actually try by himself is a real killer. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Because you can get feedback from potential customers

Your customers feedback can be a HUGE motivator behind early changes of your product concept. You can even close a deal with a customers before you’ve actually delivered the product! (note: we’ve done this successfully by ourselves)

This is how it works

First we draw a wireframe (a sketch). This is when your input is the most needed.

Then we create a clickable prototype with a graphical design. We shape it and reshape it until everyone is happy.

Lastly we polish the design. Let the beauty flourish.
During the process we’re in constant communication with you. This is a teamwork. You have ideas, we shape them. You have feedback, we adjust.

How long does it take to build one?

Usually we create prototype in the very beginning of the project. The scope of work depends on the complexity of the product, but it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get it right.
We can start coding in parallel though!

Design and prototype comes completely for free for Producters customers.