At Producters we fully commit to your product and effectively act as your technical partner.
We bring our carefully picked developers, skills of 8-12 years of software development and product know-how to the table.

In a day to day life our team is completely open to your team and it is more similar as you’d work with your in-house developers. You communicate with us directly, track features/issues backlog, the time logged and code itself.
We don’t expect technical specifications from you and adapt to business changes instantly.

In the most case scenario we work hand-in-hand with your in-house development team as a senior guide and development enforcement.
And if you don’t have a technical team or a CTO, we boldly step into a Product Owner role.

What’s the difference between technical partner and hiring developers by yourself?

In the early days startup needs to be as lean and flexible as possible.
When cashflow and business need is impossible to predict, fixed costs and internal commitments can become a serious burden.

It’s common to hear that startups look for hiring in-house developers, assuming whole-heart dedication (possible, but rare) or that physically sitting next to developer creates more value for the startup (which is very arguable).

Here’s a shortened list of what needs to be considered before hiring an in-house developer:

  • Long hiring process + fixed hiring fee for an HR agency.
  • Fixed salary costs.
  • Early on developers expect equity (which might help with their motivation).
  • Unexpected developer productivity (unless you try). If he doesn’t work out – go back to “hiring” step.
  • Additional office, equipment, administration costs.
  • Internal development processes need to be established and maintained.
  • Software development and quality assurance needs to be managed.
  • You need to understand development otherwise trusting your developers alone could be dangerous.
  • Developers (as any employees) need constant motivation from their management.
Producters advise: hire in-house developers when you achieve steady market traction and see constant need for a software development.

When Producters are applicable?

  • When you don’t have a co-founding CTO and are not comfortable with blindly trusting the developers you hire.
  • When you need flexibility with your costs and business needs.
  • When development cost is an important aspect for your startup.
  • When your in-house developers need senior guidance or development enforcement.